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Which Homeschool Mistakes Are You Making?

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Hello and Welcome to Art of WFH,

My name is Martina Une and my 20 plus-year career has spanned a number of industries:

Digital Video Editing, Restaurant Management, Print Manufacturing, Human Resources, and Construction Management.

In addition to working in all of the above-mentioned areas, I trained staff for their jobs and had many successes and grateful employees who were appreciative of the time and care I took to ensure they were effectively trained and successful on their jobs.

Having left my career to start a family, I've created a Consulting Agency to assist those who want to work from home while homeschooling their child.

My skill is working one-on-one with individuals developing and adapting existing skills to working from home.  I will work with you to achieve:

1.  A comprehensive plan to homeschool your child while working from home.

2.  Clear direction on what you need to better your work-from-home skills, or

3.  Identify and create and plan to enter a new career.

The world continues to change at a rapid pace and everyone needs to have a clear view of their current skills and work towards acquiring new skills to continue surviving in this world.

I am excited and ready to help you maximize and develop your skills so you can achieve your goals!

I love helping people so go ahead and book a FREE call or a video conference with me.

Sincerely, Martina